Natural Skin Care Products Written by naturalskinrx

Nov 11

Natural Skin Care Products : The Right Choice

We all want our skin to look the best. The harsh chemicals included in most mainstream skin care products, however, can cause more damage than they prevent or cure. They are also more likely to trigger allergic reactions.

The obvious answer is natural skin care products, based off of plant extracts and ingredients chosen to be gentle on your skin. Many of these products are not just as effective as mainstream, chemical-based products, but even more so.

Our natural skin care products are based off of the principles of East Asian herbal healing and feature the power of jade powder. None of our ingredients are tested on animals and none contain chemical preservatives, mineral oils, alcohol or synthetic colors. By eliminating alcohol we eliminate another major cause of skin irritation.


Consider our herbal eye pillow, with herbs including lavender, well known throughout the world for its relaxing properties. Or our hydrating gel mask, which contains green tea, white peony and goji berry to naturally hydrate and firm the skin. It also feels cool and comfortable on your skin and does not cause irritation.


Our other natural skin care products include the Vitality Anti-Aging Serum and an Intensive Eye Treatment with tamanu and jojoba oils. Our natural skin care products contain herbs and oils that have been known and used for centuries. This means there is no need for testing or worrying that the product may not work. These natural ingredients would not still be in use if they did not provide the advertised benefits.


You can completely trust natural skin products. If you already have damage from using harsh chemicals, consider our calming lotion with aloe vera and green tea. Aloe vera is an ingredient even in many mainstream products because it is effective and does not cause skin irritation. All of our products are proprietary herbal blends that offer superior results without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

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