Natural Skin Care Products: Exotic Ingredients For Glowing Skin


Nature has given us gifts to nourish our skin. Every day, scientists unearth new healing properties of herbs and botanicals that can help us to better care for our skin, and to keep it looking young and vibrant.

One of these exotic ingredients that is being used in natural skin care products today is tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is pressed from the nuts produced by a tree native to Polynesia. This oil contains a blend of beneficial lipids and is loaded with polyphenols that have been found to help the skin heal and regenerate.

Another ingredient that can be found in natural skin care products is white peony. In one large review of scientific studies that was published in 2010, peony extract was found to cause a significant reduction in skin wrinkling. There is an ancient Chinese saying that “a woman who consumes white peony root every day becomes as beautiful as the peony flower itself.” And now, so many centuries later, this proverb has been verified by scientists.

Jade powder is an exotic ingredient that can be found in natural skin care products that has great benefits for the skin. Jade powder emits far-infrared rays that increase the skin’s blood circulation, which allows the skin to better protect and renew itself. The increased circulation may also aid in collagen growth, which will make the skin appear younger and less wrinkled.

An ingredient that is widely heralded for its ability to help skin look younger is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce oxygen free-radical damage to the skin. Free-radical damage causes the skin to age and wrinkles to form, and by reducing this damage, the number of wrinkles produced is directly reduced.

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