Natural Skin Care Products – Over Chemical Based Products

Natural skin care products

Are taking over the industry. Health conscious people are ditching the chemical based products in favor of natural skin care products. Why should you choose natural ingredients over chemicals? Here are four reasons to get you started.

Chemicals Can Cause Cancer And Reproductive Problems

Research studies show that chemicals in skin care products can actually cause cancer and reproductive problems. They build up in the body, and since they are a foreign substance, your body doesn’t know what to do with them. Natural skin care products don’t cause cancer because your body can use them and eliminate them.

Chemicals Are Unrecognizable Ingredients

If you can’t read the ingredient or recognize it right away, then it’s a good idea to avoid using it. Companies often use chemical fillers to dilute products. Complicated ingredient names override the natural ones, so you don’t notice that the important ingredients are actually in much smaller quantities.

Natural skin care products can …

cause irritation, but chemical ingredients have a far greater likelihood of causing allergic reactions and irritation. Artificial fragrances are a major culprit. The truth is, you rarely know what is lurking in your products under the guise of the “fragrance” labeling. Natural skin care products tend to use essential oils, which are safer for the skin and body.

Chemicals Are Harsh

Skin care products with harsh chemicals may pass FDA regulations, but they have potential to cause more problems than they can fix. While chemical based skin products wear away the skin, natural skin care products are calming, gentle and effective. Natural skin care products begin with real ingredients that you can pronounce. Say “NO” to irritation, redness and scary chemicals you can’t understand. Healthier skin comes with healthier skin-care creams and cleansers. Making the change to natural skin care products will improve your health and skin simultaneously.

natural skin care products

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