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Oct 10

Natural Pain Relief : From Jadience

Natural Pain Relief

Athletes  know the sense of freedom inherent of  taking control of their body and health . Nothing can slow you down like muscle and joint pain. Persistent pain will make training a chore and winning difficult, sucking the joy right out of the competition. That’s why athletes have been using Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Cream for years.

Muscle and joint strain is a fact of life in the realm of sports and physical activity. The shelves of local supermarkets and value mart’s are packed with cream, ointments and liniments, all touting to have practically magical healing properties, despite being comprised of chemical composites and petroleum jelly. The natural pain relief found in Jadience is an exclusive formula based on a traditional Asian remedies for strained muscles and joints. There are no chemicals or questionable ingredients in Jadience Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Cream; just a unique blend of herbs that have a history of providing natural pain relief.

This formula includes Clematidis, an herb used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries to aid in relieving stiff joints. Acyranthis has been used for generations to strengthen bones and muscles and Puerariae is used to increase circulation, benefiting sore muscles and stiff joints alike. These three known herbs for natural pain relief are combined with many others to produce this well respected therapy for stiff joints and sore muscles. This remedy stands out amongst other therapeutic creams because it not only provides natural pain relief, but it promotes healing and will assist in maintaining healthy mobility. Used regularly and in conjunction with other muscle and joint products offered by Jadience, this natural pain relief remedy can actually increase endurance and help prevent injury.

Natural Pain Relief

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