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Oct 09

Natural Skin Care Products : Superior Products

Natural Skin Care Products

There are a lot of natural skin care products on the market. They all have ingredients from fruits, vegetables or other natural extracts that can benefit your skin. You may also be surprised to find that that these natural extracts are coupled with harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and alcohol. All of these things can make your skin worse, not better.

How can you spot superior natural skin care products among the sea of options available to you? Ask yourself these questions the next time you need to go shopping for natural skin care products:

Does the product contain chemical preservatives?
Natural skin care products should never contain chemicals of any type, even if they’re used as a preservative. The most popular chemical preservatives, such as paraben, are man-made. If you find a chemical preservative in your product’s ingredients, it’s safe to say it isn’t superior. A superior product would use naturally occurring preservatives found in nature, not synthetically manufactured chemicals.

Does the product contain chemical dyes?
Dyes are used to give a product color. Natural dyes are fine, but harsh chemical dyes can have the same effect on your skin as chemical preservatives.

Are there fragrances in the product?
Fragrance is usually listed quite plainly on the label of natural skin care products. They make the product smell nice, but they can cause allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin.

Is there alcohol in the product? Alcohol is both a cleansing and a drying agent. Using it in any type of cleansing or moisturizing product will clean your skin, but ultimately it will dry your skin out.

If you find a line of products that answers “no” to all of these questions, you’ve found a superior line of natural skin care products.

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