How to Deal With Sweaty, Oily Skin The Natural Way

How to Deal With Sweaty, Oily Skin The Natural Way

Everyone sweats, it’s just a part of life. While sweating is perfectly natural, it can have some negative side effects. This is especially true if you happen to sweat a lot. If you’re an athlete, long days on the field or at the track might produce a lot of extra sweat and oils. Even if you’re not so active, oil and sweat could cause problems.

Oils can clog up your pores, which can result in acne and other conditions. While we often think of acne as an ailment that plagues teenagers, it can actually affect people of all ages. Oil and sweat can cause other problems as well, such as unwanted odors.

Fortunately, you can treat oil and sweat with a variety of natural treatments.

First, Start With a Shower

Your first step should be to take a shower. A good, long shower will wash away some of the oil as well as dirt and other things that could clog up your pores. However, you might want to skip the soap. Soap can actually be quite harsh on your skin.

Next, Try an All Natural Scrub

Once you’ve rinsed off, you can apply an all natural scrub, then rinse off again. There are many effective all-natural scrubs, let’s look at some of the best ones.

Cucumber Scrub– Cucumber is a favorite natural skin treatment and may be able to help both remove oils and moisturize your skin.

Coconut Oil Scrub- Not a fan of cucumber? How about coconut oil? This natural moisturizer may also be able to remove excess sweat and the like.

Honey Scrub– Honey is believed to be a very effective moisturizer. It also has some antibacterial properties, making it great for clearing up skin.

Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub- Yup, by mixing olive oil and sugar scrubs, you may be able to cleanse your skin.

Lemon Juice and Salt Scrub– This scrub is easy enough to make at home. Just add some lemon juice and salt. Be careful not to overdo it, however. Lemon juice is slightly acidic and if you upset your skin’s pH balance, it could have some negative effects.

Use a Jadience Cleaning Cream

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of making your own creams at home? We don’t blame you, it can be quite the mess and can actually get quite expensive. Fortunately, you can use a Jadience cleansing cream to wash away oil, sweat, dirt and other contaminants.

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