Green Tea to the Rescue: Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea to the Rescue: Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

If you’ve taken a glance at the ingredient lists of many of our products, you may have noticed that green tea is among the more common ingredients. (If you happen to spend some time around our office, you’ll also find that it’s one of the more popular drinks!) We use green tea in many of our products because it’s one of the most powerful and effective natural treatments out there.

Green tea is ancient, and now it’s global. Tea originated in China although it’s impossible to say who had the first cup of green tea. However, the first recorded mention of the tea dates all the way back to 2737 bc! Suffice to say, it’s one of the oldest drinks in human civilization.

Green tea is also a great natural treatment for a wide variety of conditions. This is true both in consumed and topical forms.

1. Green Tea is an Excellent Antioxidant

Green tea contains many antioxidants. In fact, it’s one of the most antioxidant rich teas available. So why should you care about that? Research has found that antioxidants will remove free radicals from your body. Many scientists, in turn, believe that this delivers a myriad of health benefits, and may even lead to reduced risks of cancer. As a result, green tea may be among the most powerful natural treatments for a wide range of conditions.

This should prove true for both tea that you consume, and tea that is part of a topical treatment. In fact, it’s believed that antioxidant solutions can actually draw free radicals out from your skin! This is one of the many reasons green tea is such an excellent all natural skin treatment.

2. Anti Aging Properties

Green tea is believed to have a variety of anti-aging benefits. This is partly due to how vitamin rich green tea is. Green tea contains vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, chlorophyll, potassium, and phosphorous. When applied to the skin, these vitamins may help to slow and reduce the effects of aging.

As such, topical applications of green tea may help to reduce wrinkles and the other side effects of aging. Of course, time will always march on, but by taking care of your body now, you may be able to live a healthier life well into your golden years.

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3. Increased Blood Flow

The above nutrients and vitamins, among others, may also help to increase blood flow. Likewise, antioxidants themselves (which, remember, green tea is rich in) are also believed to increase bloodflow. This can assist with a variety of functions. Your brain, skin, lungs, and everything else are all impacted by access to blood and oxygen.

Meanwhile, there is also some evidence that green tea can reduce blood pressure. So not only will your blood flow better, but lower blood pressure will reduce a variety of risks.

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