3 Easy Ways To Green Your Beauty Routine
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

3 Easy Ways To Green Your Beauty Routine

Contributed by Jennifer Dawson

Have you ever thought about how your beauty routine impacts your health and the planet? Though makeup has been around since olden times, recent technology has made it possible to have high quality and sustainable cosmetics that not only make you look good but are also kinder to Mother Nature. Organic cosmetics have surged in popularity over the recent years and it’s expected that the organic personal care market will generate revenues of up to $15.98 billion by 2020. If you’re thinking about incorporating organic cosmetics into your beauty arsenal, here are a few easy ways to transition to a natural beauty routine without spending a fortune.

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Switch to eco-friendly or vegan beauty tools

If you’re using disposable or poorly-made makeup brushes, now is the time to switch to eco-friendly or vegan beauty tools to green your beauty routine. These types of brushes are made from synthetic fibers, which means that no animal was harmed to make your blush or eyeshadow brush. They’re also easier to clean, shed less, and work well with many organic or natural makeup products and brands. Synthetic makeup brushes are available in different styles and price ranges, so you can pick a set that is suited to your budget.

Get an organic lip balm 

Using an organic lip balm is the easiest way to dive into the organic beauty movement—choosing the right formula is easy because you’re not after the color payoff, you’re picking one for its moisturizing properties as well for its other lip health benefits. Moreover, your lipstick or lipgloss will look so much better after applying a layer of nourishing lip balm.

Use a natural hydrating mist before applying makeup

This is another easy way to incorporate green products into your makeup routine as a natural hydrating mist will not alter your foundation or eye makeup shade. This product merely preps your skin before makeup application by rejuvenating skin cells and moisturizing your skin. The result—hydrated skin without dry and rough patches. Having a well-moisturized face allows your makeup to glide on smoothly, look more impeccable and last longer even if you’re a cosmetic novice.

As you get more comfortable using organic makeup, you can slowly add a palette of organic eyeshadow, one or two pans of blush, and a few lipsticks to your makeup bag. Don’t forget to switch to a full line of organic skincare to get the full benefits of a green beauty routine. You might be surprised at how much better your skin looks and feels once you’ve gone green with your makeup routine.

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