Unthawing From the Record Breaking Winter Storms
shoveling snow safely

Unthawing From the Record Breaking Winter Storms

Digging yourself out from the many inches of snow that have been piled onto the United States as of late? Fighting off the frigid cold that all too often seems ready to overpower even the best heaters and warmest blankets? Millions of Americans are.

And many of those Americans are going to be busy shoveling themselves out from the snow. Cars, driveways, sidewalks and more will have to be shoveled in the coming days. Doing so can be a pain, and we’re not speaking figuratively here.

That’s why we’re going to go over some tips for shoveling snow and dealing with any of the pain that comes along with it.

Prepping for a Tough Snow Shoveling Session

First, you need to make sure you’re prepped for the tough struggles ahead. Skip smoking and eating right before and during shoveling snow. Both could cause complications.

Next, make sure you stretch out. Pay special attention to your back and arms as they’ll be taking much of weight and stress. Of course, you should never skip your legs. Once you’re stretched and limber, you’re ready to get started.

However, you also need to make sure you know your limits. Each year, numerous people die while over-exerting themselves while trying to clear the driveway or sidewalk. Make sure you pay attention to your body and don’t strain yourself. No amount of stretching or preparation can protect you from overexertion.

Proper Technique: Push Don’t Lift

Now, how do you go about properly shoveling snow? The biggest thing to understand is that you should rarely be lifting while shoveling. Instead, use your shovel to push the snow to the side. Once it becomes too difficult to shovel, you can switch to lifting small portions of the snow pile before throwing it out of the way.

Never fill large shovels. When you do lift, lift with your legs, not your back. It’s best to shovel snow while it’s fresh and powdering. So while it might be tempting to wait a day or two, often that makes it more difficult.

Healing From the Pain

Even with the best preparation and technique, you’re likely to suffer from cramps and pains. If not during the last blizzard, then perhaps during the next one. Fortunately, there are ways for you to naturally address the pain.

First, make sure you get plenty of rest after shoveling. And don’t shovel multiple places at once. Focus on one area, take a rest, move on. In between, try a Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream – Extra Strength healing cream. This cream can provide quick, natural pain relief. If you need more lasting, consistent pain relief, try a muscle and joint healing patch.

Warm heating packs or towels run under warm water can also provide pain relief. A hot shower is another great way to loosen up your muscles and address pain.

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