Sore Muscle Treatments That Really Work
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Sore Muscle Treatments That Really Work

Finding a person who has never suffered from sore muscle pain is quite a hard task. At one point in your life, you must have gone through sore muscle pain. Sore muscle pain usually occurs after some heavy workouts like pushups, pull-ups, burpees, and squats. This at first makes you feel extremely good and healthy, but later on can cause muscle soreness, which eventually can turn into pain.

There is no cure to instantly make this pain go away, but there are several cures that slowly help you reduce and adjust to this sore muscle pain. In this article, I will discuss 8 potential cures or treatments that really work to reduce sore muscle pain.

Creatine Supplement

Creatine has the capability to reduce sore muscle pain according to several types of research.  Creatine is basically an amino-acid that provides energy to the cells in your body. Excess Creatine in the body gives you more energy to recover from minor to major sore muscle pain. Creatine is not known to have any major side-effects.

Cherry Juice

Anti-oxidants are helpful in reducing sore muscle pain and cherry juice is full of that. If you can at least have one glass of cherry juice after an extreme and intense workout session, it can definitely help in reducing sore muscle pain. You could also mix it up with a smoothie, which you have regularly post workout.

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Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream by Jadience Herbal Formulas

Jadience over the years has been an industry leader in making the best muscle and joint pain therapeutic creams. Their Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Creams is well known to help orthosis pain and joint and muscle injuries. Reducing inflammation and speeding recovery of sore muscles is why this product has been used by Olympian massage therapists and Chiropractors. The cream is gluten-free, alcohol-free and safe for vegans as well. The naturally made-in-USA product is readily available on Amazon.

Extracts from mushrooms

ATP’s are the energy powerhouse for your body cells. Mushrooms help activate ATP, which in turn give your body the energy to overcome sore muscle pain. ATP provides your body clean and efficient energy, without the help of any unnatural stimulants.

Anti-inflammatory food

Adding some anti-inflammatory food items to your diet helps to reduce constant soreness from heavy workouts. Berries, broccoli, green tea, ginger, papayas, oranges, red pepper, and pineapple are some food items known to have anti-inflammatory properties.


Two cups of coffee a day equals is said to help reduce muscle pain from soreness. Caffeine helps to prevent adenosine from forming your body. Adenosine is a chemical that is released in your body when you get injured. But do not overdose yourself with caffeine as it can cause other problems like muscle spasms.

Epsom salts

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant which is readily available in or is the main component in Epsom salts. Add some into your warm bath water and take a shower.  When absorbed by the skin, magnesium is more effective in reducing muscle soreness. So go ahead and take a shower with Epsom salt mixed water, right after some heavy work-out.

Ice baths

Fill up a tub with enough cold water to cover your lower body and take a bath in it. Ice water is used by athletes to speed up recovery from sore muscle pain in the body.  Take a bath for nearly around 10 minutes. More than that and you’ll have a chance of getting extremely sick. Avoid doing this on a regular basis.

Hope the above treatments will help reduce sore muscle pain fast and help you continue those regular workout sessions without any worries. Do you know of any treatments or remedies to cure sore muscle pain that we can add to the list? Lets us know.

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