Highly Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Highly Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain

One of the most annoying body pain one suffers from is lower back pain.  There are many causes for lower back pain like lack of sleep, stressful office work, back conditions and much more. A million people suffer from lower back pain every year according to certain researchers. But it is best not to ignore lower back pain if it occurs with you. Specific treatment methods will help reduce and diminish lower back pain for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the highly effective treatments for lower back pain.


Try to practice yoga poses that help you strengthen your back muscles. This will help you recover from lower back pain faster. Yoga also has certain breathing techniques that help you fight lower back pain. Yoga can be considered as a natural painkiller for lower back pain.

Always keep some painkillers

Painkillers can help reduce lower back pain in minutes. Nowadays a lot of herbal painkillers are available in the market, which has no side effects like causing allergies.  But also make sure you don’t make taking painkillers into a habit, as taking too much might not be good for your health.

Regular exercise

Doing exercise regularly will help you a lot in reducing lower back pain. Exercises like planking are amazing for strengthening the muscle that helps in muscle sustainment. Regular exercise will help you reduce the pain as well as make you stronger and improve posture.

Diet control

Extra weight is one of the major causes of lower back pain. Follow a strict diet plan, so that weight gain is minimum. Always try to stay hydrated and fit, if you really want to reduce lower back pain.

Using therapeutical creams

Whether you are exercising, doing yoga, running or walking, always try to apply some therapeutic cream in between on your body. A proper massage with therapeutic creams will stop the lower back pain from happening. One of the most common therapeutic creams used by people is the Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream – Extra Strength – 4.5oz by Jadience Herbal Formulas.


Change your bed mattress

Sometimes an uneven bed mattress might be the cause for lower back pain in the body. The mattress you have might not be suitable for you. Try to change it as soon as possible, and get one that is medium-firm.

Proper sleep

8 hours of sleep is said to be necessary for a person to work properly. If you do not get proper sleep it might cause your lower back to get inflamed, thus causing severe lower back pain. Lack of sleep will also cause you to lose strength and make you get tired easily.

Muscle stretching

Stretching helps with reducing lower back pain as well as muscle pain of every kind. Performing stretching exercises every morning can help you prevent lower back pain as well as make you stronger and flexible in the process.

Apply an ice pack or hot water bottle

Using an ice pack on the lower back will help ease the pain there. Applying a hot water bottle on the area of pain also helps tons.  Hot water bottles will help reduce muscle cramps and spasms.

Focus on other work

Sometimes focusing on other work or refocusing on something else will help reduce back pain. Read a book, watch TV or play video games, as they will distract you from the lower back pain you are suffering.

Lower back pain is a major issue for athletes, aged people and people who tend to work under pressure. They are in constant need of cure and treatment for lower back pain. The treatments I have listed above are highly effective and will surely help you fight and reduce lower back pain in no time whatsoever.

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