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Sep 10

Natural Pain Relief: Superior Pain Relief

For superior natural pain relief, look no further than Jadience’s Muscle & Joint Collection. Our line is specially formulated with Stephania Tetrandra, an Chinese medicinal herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to heal fever, control blood pressure, and reduce pain.

Natural Pain Relief: Ancient Medicine Used in a Modern Way

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been heralded for years as one of the best healing modalities, and by using one of the primary analgesic and pain-relieving herbs in our formula, Jadience’s line uses ancient medicine in a modern way to bring you a therapeutic cream with an integrative double-pronged approach for fighting pain, reducing inflammation, and relaxing your muscles. In the short run, our line of natural pain relief products will help relieve your symptoms, but in the long run, they seek to get you on the road to healing and recovery in a truly healthful and balanced way.

Natural Pain Relief: The True Meaning of Natural

believes that the true meaning of natural pain relief lies in the essence of the ingredients. The Muscle & Joint Collection provides top-of-the-line treatment without harsh chemicals or side effects. Unlike other products, our line begins with ingredients that are 100% natural, which is what your body needs so that it can recover, heal, and thrive. Performance athletes and non-athletes turn to Jadience because they know that they can trust the quality items they purchase. Our products have been highly acclaimed by doctors and therapists alike, because they get to the root of the problem by helping your body to heal itself. Natural pain relief means that your body’s own healing mechanisms will come into play as it begins to recover and heal. We are here to aide you so that process is more comfortable and easy, with products that provide natural pain relief for your body.

Natural Pain Relief

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