Keeping Your Pets Healthy the All Natural Way
Keep your pets healthy

Keeping Your Pets Healthy the All Natural Way

They call dogs man’s best friend for a reason. Our canine companions have been a major part of human history, protecting us from predators, helping us hunt, and being genuinely great friends. Cats are amazing as well, helping to tamp down on rodent populations and likewise being good friends. There are tons of other great pets out there. No matter the pets you have around the house, you likely appreciate their company.

We love animals as well at Natural Skin RX as well. That’s why we offer a special lineup of pet products to ensure your animal friends are healthy and living a full, vital life. We also spend time researching how we can keep our own pets healthy the all-natural way. So today, we’re going to share some natural pet health tips!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

You got to give your pets a workout! Few natural activities offer more benefits than exercise, and that’s true for pets and humans alike! Take your dog on a stroll or play fetch. Tired? Get a Frisby. With just a little effort, you can send the disk flying! Want to get a work out yourself? Dogs are great jogging companions.

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Meanwhile, cats and other indoor animals can be entertained and worked out with a variety of toys. A simple laser pointer will often have your cats running back and forth!

Skipped the Processed Treats and Go Natural

Dogs love their biscuits, and cats love their milk. However, processed dog biscuits aren’t the most healthy option, and cats shouldn’t drink too much milk. There are many healthy treats to try instead, including:

• Boneless sardines
• Preservative-free turkey and chicken lunch meat
• Tuna fish
• Apples, carrots, and berries

Yes, some cats and dogs will eat fruits! If your pet has a fruit tooth, many fruits make for good treats. Just make sure you don’t overfeed them.

Skip or Reduce the Processed Foods

Back in 1995, Dr. Tom Lonsdale argued in an article in the Journal of Small Animal Practice that processed foods suppress the immune system. This, in turn, can lead to kidney, liver, and heart diseases. This research was later confirmed by the Australian Veterinary Association.

It’s best to reduce your reliance on processed dog and cat food. Some organic pet foods may be healthier for your pet, being less processed and containing less filling. Also, make sure your dog and cat get plenty of water. In nature, a cat or dog’s diet may consist of as much as 70 percent water!

Try Some All Natural Supplements and Treatments

Finally, you should check out our all natural products lineup. The EnlightaPet natural muscle and joint spray can help alleviate pain. Meanwhile, the All Natural EnlightaPet Calming Formula is packed with herbs and vitamins that may relax and rebalance your pet’s nervous system. We offer many more all natural pet products, so make sure you check them out!

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