Increase Your Jogging Distance and Stamina
Jogging this autumn

Increase Your Jogging Distance and Stamina

Many people take up jogging to stay in shape and clear their mind. Jogging is a great form of exercise. However, it can also be a struggle and can be hard on your knees and other organs. Fortunately, we’ve got some great tips you can use to increase your stamina.

Increasing your stamina and distance means breaking through mental barriers and stretching your physical limits. This isn’t a mind over matter or matter over mind issue, both have to have to be addressed.

Try Some Basic Meditation

Before you even get to jogging and running, you need to start building your focus. Meditating is a great way to do so. You can learn to clear your mind and focus with simple meditation.

There are tons of ways to meditate. One easy way is to lay down on a comfortable, supportive surface. You can even use your bed. Next, think of a scene in your mind, or if you’re not a visual person, think of a basic, simple beat. Now focus on that scene or beat and try to think of nothing else.

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You can start with a simple 3 minute meditation. Once you can hit three minutes comfortable with a clear mind mostly focused on your scene or beat, you can expand to five minutes and finally 10 minutes.

Always Start Your Jog With a Warm Up

A good, sound warm up will help reduce cramps and can prevent stitches. Tightened muscles can run even a short jog or run so make sure you set aside 15 minutes or so to warm up.

First, start with a brisk walk. This will increase your body temperature, stretch out many of the muscles you’ll be using and will get your joints prepped for the walk. Next, do some stretches and lunges. Yes, you need to target your legs, but stretch out your arms, back, and core muscles as well.

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You can wrap up with some jumping jacks or crunches to get the heart pumping, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to start your jog worn out.

Consider Something to Distract Your Mind

Having trouble with the mind aspect of running long distances? Why not try some music? Or maybe even an audio book. Keeping your mind occupied is have the challenge when it comes to long distance running.

Increase Your Distance Incrementally

If you’re running two or three miles a session now, don’t shoot for 5 or 10 miles right away. Instead, add have a mile to your run and make yourself complete it. If you’re struggling to walk or jog, then simply walk the rest of the way. Adding distance incrementally makes the goals more attainable, and as you achieve each goal, you’ll build up momentum.

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