Herbal Relief for Muscle and Joint Pain

Herbal Relief for Muscle and Joint Pain

muscle and joint pain reliefMuscle and joint pain can be annoying, distracting, and sometimes even debilitating.Fortunately, a handful of powerful East Asian herbs have been well-known for centuries for their ability to relieve pain. That’s not all. As they tackle the underlying causes of pain, they also strengthen areas of weakness and discomfort. The result is a broad spectrum of beneficial effects that aid in recovery from muscle and joint stress and damage.

Infusing a mixture of these herbs into a topical gel makes for an excellent all-natural formula for arthritis pain relief. It is no wonder that such formulas are used by therapists and professional athletes worldwide.

Pain Relief Herbs of Choice

Nearly two dozen herbs work together for fast and powerful pain relief. In so doing they also aid in reducing swelling and inflammation. These actions lead to the immediate relaxation of sore and tight muscles.

Herbal pain relief formulas, over time, also strengthen muscles and joints. Stronger muscles and joints are the foundation for faster recovery from additional physical stress and damage.

Of the numerous herbs of choice for combining into pain relief formulas, three of the top ingredients are Clematidis, Achyranthes and Stephania. Traditionally they are known for a variety of properties as individual herbs, including the following:

  • Clematidis: provides relief from painful conditions due to rheumatoid arthritis, gout, strokes, headaches, and lower back pain.
  • Achyranthes: useful clinically for a variety of arthritis, bone growth and vascular disorders.
  • Stephania: acts to alleviate swelling and pain in rheumatoid arthritis.

These well-known pain relief herbs also harmonize with several other herbs in our Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream. Together they provide additional benefits such as improving circulation, removing toxins, and reducing internal bruising.

Herbs vs. Synthetic Ingredients for Relieving Pain

Herbal formulas influence a broad spectrum of causes behind pain. It is common for their multiple beneficial effects to impact pain and its associated symptoms in many ways.

In contrast, synthetic drugs typically have only one or two mechanisms to treat pain. They generally block crucial enzymes and disrupt normal metabolism to the point of creating unwanted side effects.

Science Behind Herbs for Muscle and Joint Pain

Scientists have discovered an array of beneficial ingredients in different herbs that are used for relieving pain and stress on muscles and joints. The top three herbs mentioned above, for example, are now known to have several beneficial effects on metabolism.

  • Clematidis helps regulate a key protein complex, called NF-kB. This complex is involved in cellular responses to stress, UV light, inflammatory hormones, infection, autoimmune diseases, and even cancerous tumors.
  • Achyranthes has analgesic properties that simulate the action of aspirin. It also reduces inflammation that leads to pain and swelling.
  • Stephania reduces the activity of certain types of cytokines, which are hormones that cause inflammation. It does so by hindering the same kinds of enzymes that are targets of many pain medications (e.g., ibuprofen).

More Than Pain Relief

Natural pain relief modalities can do much more than relieve pain. The power of herbs encompasses healing in many ways. They don’t just address pain like pharmaceutical products do. Herbs can reverse the underlying conditions that lead to pain and discomfort in the first place.

Muscle and joint herbal formulas actually target deterioration by reducing inflammation. This leads to the recovery and strengthening of vulnerable tissues. Stressed and injured tissues heal, get stronger, and have less chance of further injury.

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