Fido Can Be in Pain Too, But You Can Treat It

Fido Can Be in Pain Too, But You Can Treat It

Dogs are humanity’s best friends. They have been a part of human civilization for thousands of years, living alongside us in our communities and homes. Cats too have played a vital role in human society, helping keep vermin populations in check. And they’re great for snuggle time as well.

There are many other pets, each offering their own unique personalities and attributes. Unfortunately, pets can easily be hurt. Perhaps your dog was playing too hard down at the local park. Maybe you accidentally stepped on your cat’s paw. Pain is every bit as real for pets as it is for us humans.

In extreme situations, the only option is to take your dog, cat, or other pet to a veterinarian. However, anyone who’s dealt with vet bills will know that they can get quite expensive. And often, pets dread the experience. While vets are trying to help out, your pet may associate the visit with painful pokes.

However, unless something is broken or there is a large cut, you can often treat injuries at home. Treating a dog or cat is a bit different from treating a person. The biggest factor here is communication. You can’t tell your dog/cat what you’re doing. And they can’t explain the pain to you.

As such, you have to be especially careful. When you go to bandage a wound, for example, your dog can’t tell you if you’re being too rough or if you’re touching a painful area. Of course, yelps and the like can be great clues.

Still, anyone who has worked with injured animals knows that it is a tricky, delicate situation. One wrong move and your pet could end up in a great deal more pain. And in some cases, you might be bitten or scratched.

One option is to use a natural pain relief spray for pets. With a pain relieving spray, you don’t have to touch the wounded or affected area. You can apply with a few quick squirts. Of course, you may have to touch the wound for other reasons, such as cleaning it, but a few squirts of pain relief sprays beforehand could help your pet settle down.

In fact, you can also use our calming spray to relieve anxiety of your pets. At the very least, your pet can rest in comfort while you take him/her to the vet. So make sure you’re treating your pets like the best friends that they are.


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