Why A Natural Perm Is Better For You And The Environment
Credit: Photo by Gisela Carolina on Unsplash

Why A Natural Perm Is Better For You And The Environment

Guest Post by Jennifer Dawson:

Known most for their popularity in the 80s, perms are making a comeback, but they’re doing so in a modern, all-natural way to prevent any hair and scalp-related problems from arising. Known for using harsh chemicals that can lead to brittle hair, bald patches and even infections in your scalp, chemical perms are gone and organic perms that use all-natural products are here to help you and the environment. While frizzy perms are out and organic perms are in, using natural products and techniques to add a bit of volume and body to your hair can yield better results without the negative side effects.

What do perms do to your hair?

What perms essentially do is alter the chemical properties of your natural hair in order to change the style and consistency. While smoothing perms do exist, the most popular type of perms allow people to amp up their volume, add a little texture and even change up a tired old style by adding body, waves or curls. One Toni & Guy spokesperson noted that “Perms can be so versatile. Even by adding just some slight movement to super straight hair can make styling easier, so I think we will see them sticking around.” While traditional perms are usually performed with very toxic chemicals, natural and organic perms are becoming more mainstream due to the lack of chemicals and toxins they introduce to both your hair and the environment.

[You can also avoid toxic chemicals frequently found in makeup and skincare products by switching to natural skincare products.]

Do all-natural perms work?

The answer to this question ultimately lies in your hairstyle, cut, consistency, and its ability to hold any sort of hair treatment. It’s best to speak with your stylist about this beforehand to ensure your hair will be able to hold the waves. However, if you are going to get a perm, then an all-natural one is most certainly the best way to go. You see, the main difference between traditional perms and organic ones is that an organic perm will use only ammonia-free products to achieve the desired look. Your stylist might also go completely natural and use all-natural products and creams that help treat your hair before or after the perm. All-natural perms use solutions that are low in PPD, which is harmful to the environment and the health of your hair. In general, though, organic treatments have actually been shown to last just about as long as a normal perm.

How to properly engage in pre and post-treatment care

As with any type of styling, you can make it more effective by properly caring for your hair before and after. You can make an all-natural perm more effective by ensuring it is healthy beforehand. You can do this by avoiding products that contain Parabens, synthetic colors and dyes, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, phthalates, and other chemicals. Avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, and even baking soda are great, natural hair serums you can use to strengthen your hair and prep it for an organic perm. Once you’ve gotten the perm, try to use all-natural hair products that are suitable for curly hair. Shea butter and coconut oil are both great for this type of care and post-perm treatment.

Natural hair and natural products

Even if your hair isn’t naturally curly, an all-natural perm that’s performed with all-natural products will make it look like it is. Not only are organic perms effective in giving you the desired hair style you want, but they’re also effective in helping you cut down on the chemicals you are using. Caring for the environment while caring for your hair is a great way to leave you feeling great while looking equally as stunning with your new hairstyle.

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