Turning To Natural Herbs During Cold and Flu Season

Turning To Natural Herbs During Cold and Flu Season

Turning To Natural Remedies During Cold and Flu Season
It’s that time of the year again—cold and flu season is in full effect! This is a time where many people live in fear of the latest virus that has hit. If you have kids or work in close quarters with others then you are at an even greater risk as there are many more chances to get sick. It may feel as though you have no way to rise above all of the illness, but turning to simple but highly effective home remedies can help a lot.

You can’t help the exposure in some cases, and so it’s wise to do your best to be proactive. If you think through the most helpful natural remedies and even use them towards prevention, then it may help you to stay well. Even if everyone around you is sick, working towards prevention can always be of great help. Though the virus may hit you at times, the best thing that you can do is to take care of yourself to rise above.

The Best Answers May Be Right At Your Fingertips

Let’s start with some of the most basic things that you probably already have in your house right now. Honey and cinnamon are excellent examples of two household ingredients that can work to protect you from the latest germs. You can take them by the spoonful or even add them into a cup of green tea. Both work as they have antiviral properties which means that they can protect you against harmful bacteria. Adding a touch of lemon juice can be a great way of increasing the protection that you get.

Garlic and onions are also of great help as they can combat harmful bacteria with their natural healing properties. Some will say that eating them raw is the best way to protect yourself, but that’s not always easy. You may wish to lightly sauté them and then eat them with bread. Add olive oil to protect yourself, and try this natural remedy when you know you have been exposed or even when you feel the first symptom.

Ginger can help to settle an upset stomach. Even if you know that you have been exposed to a stomach bug, you want to start taking this in its most natural form right away. Mint also offers the same sort of healing power when it comes to stomach bugs.

Mix the two together with hot water as this can ease almost any gastrointestinal upset. This is another place where a cup of green tea can really come in handy, so keep this on hand always and mix this together for a great natural remedy for stomach upset of any form.

Or for immediate results, look into the Chinese medicine herb: Yin Chiao. Yin Chiao is available at your local acupuncture clinic, pharmacy or online. It is has been proven to clear cold symptoms immediately and is becoming more and more prevalent as the go-to herb to help keep you safe from the colds or the flu.

Supplements as above, coupled with Detox regimens such as available here are the best preventative and therapeutic steps to naturally clearing any colds or flu symptoms.

Taking Care of Yourself and Mixing In Natural Herbs Will Help The Most

The key too is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with balance and proper focus. Truly taking care of yourself and working to naturally boost your immune system can always come in handy as well. If you want to be your best throughout cold and flu season and always, you want to learn what it means to truly take care of yourself.

In addition to each of these home remedies you also want to exercise regularly, learn to properly manage your stress, get plenty of rest each night, and get rid of any bad habits that may be holding you back. Taking all of these measures and then mixing in some of the most classic natural remedies can really help you to be your best. You will rise above whatever is plaguing you and work to prevent any illness during cold and flu season. This is how you can be your best even amidst a sea of germs that surrounds you!

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