Thank goodness for Jadience products! This 79 year old body (recovering from a rotator cuff injury, bad sciatica, carpal tunnel, etc), played over 2 hours of tennis… I withdrew because I had pulled a tight calf muscle. If it weren’t for your Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream, I couldn’t have finished that tie breaker! I have taken your products with me on tennis team events. Had one player cramping and that muscle cream helped her. Several other players are now regular customers of you. Thank you so much, JR – Client

JR – Client

~ ~ ~

Their products are fantastic. Been using them all winter specially the Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream for my knee.

Monique C.

~ ~ ~

For more information on Jadience’s Muscle & Joint Collection, click here

Wallace Spearman Olympian Final Crop

Olympian, Wallace Spearmon, thanks Jadience for helping attain his Olympic dream with our Muscle & Joint Collection

Olympian Wallace Spearmon thanks Jadience for help with Muscle & Joint Collection

~ ~ ~

“I’m a cancer survivor with very sensitive skin. It’s very challenging for me to find natural products with no estrogen that really work as well as they advertised. For over a year, I’ve had a breaking out over my forehead that facials were just not helping. I’ve changed my hairstyle to wearing bangs while I waited months to see a top not notch dermatologist. Again limited to what I can use, some of the bumps were lasered and I applied creams to the other areas. These only dried my skin still leaving the bumps behind. By chance, my mother gave me the “Jade & Burdock Blemish Control Gel” to try. I did knowing that I had nothing to loose. Within three days there was no more redness and the bumps were going down! I can’t find the right words to express how amazed I was. This was to good to be true!  After researching this product line, my fingers were crossed that there would not be a conflict with my estrogen restriction. Today I got the green light. I have no doubt, and personal experience ,that this line provides the products that it advertises.” ~  L.S.

Purifying Gel – L.S. (cancer survivor with very sensitive skin)

~ ~ ~

I have been using the Jadience’s Intensive Eye Treatment for about two weeks now, and I have to say it’s a keeper. I like the way it feels on my skin, I swear I can tell a difference as soon as I put it on. The area under my eyes was very puffy & dark and it made me look tired all the time and in what little time I’ve used it, people can already tell a difference. My daughter came to visit and said, Mom you sure looked pretty today, you must be getting more rest, I said no about the same amount & she said your eyes don’t look dark and tired anymore… I thought to myself… Yeah it’s working 🙂 I just had to come and let you know that I Love this product! Thank You Jadience

Natural Skin Care – Natural Eye Cream ~ D.D.

~ ~ ~

I have been recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and one of my symptoms is extreme swelling from my lower legs all the way to my toes. My ankles, feet and lower legs have swelled twice their size causing unbearable pain and redness and making it impossible to walk. I decided to give Jadience Detox Soak a try. Nothing else was working. I soaked my legs from the mid calf down to my toes in it for 30 minutes. Within 2 hours the swelling had reduced by 50% and the redness and soreness was greatly reduced too. The next day I had an appointment with my doctor. When he saw my legs he was speechless. He couldn’t believe the drastic change in my condition. Before leaving his office he asked me for the name of the product I used. I’m sharing this in hopes it helps others

Herbal Detox Soak – C.R.

~ ~ ~

I’ve been waking up after 2-3 hours and can’t sleep for another 2-3.  I’ve had this for years and years and years. I can’t count how many. I started taking the Jadience Meditation Supplement and started sleeping a bit more and after a bottle and a half, I started noticing an improvement in my sleep.  I then took the corresponding Meditation Soak and noticed it immediately.  Last night I slept from 9 – 5:30 in the morning!  Straight shot.  The soak and supplement work the best together.  Even if I woke up to go to the restroom, I fell right back asleep!  An employee of mine heard of it from me and started trying it and is already noticing it!  She said she hasn’t had that type of sleep in a long time.  It is so nice to wake up fresh from sleep! It’s been 4 days since I started and I am sleeping for the first time ever.

Hadeel – President ~ New Looks Laser

~ ~ ~

I used your total weight loss program and lost about 10 pounds. I had to quit due to a minor accident and three months later I have not gained the weight back. This is almost a miracle as far as weight loss goes.

Kathleen Obannon

~ ~ ~

As a child I suffered an extreme case of eczema and having outgrown it long ago, I was unpleasantly surprised to see a small re-occurrence on my chest recently.  Being that I was 6 months pregnant at the time, After trying a few natural remedies with no visible results I resigned myself to the situation for at least  the remainder of the pregnancy.

On a whim I decided to order a few Jadience products as I was hoping to deal with stress, swollen feet, back ache, and various other things.  Well, I knew from experience that after using these products I could expect tremendous relief.  However I was not expecting the added benefit of the rash immediately clearing up after taking an herbal bath (Jadience Herbal Soak)!

This was a very pleasant surprise as the rash was persistently bothersome to me for some time.

The products are a bit of a luxury, but they are definitely well worth it!   I have tried many products and continue to experiment as is my nature, but I always return to Jadience for guaranteed results and a level of excellence I have yet to find elsewhere!

Thank you,

Cat S.

~ ~ ~

“I’ve been having trouble sleeping with my menopause for 3 or 4 months now.  I came across Jadience and tried their Meditation Supplement to help me relax and sleep better at nights.  I tried one bottle for 3 – 4 days and slept like a baby for 2 weeks.  I really thank you very much for this product! It works better than any drug you could take and it’s all-natural and herbs only. Amazing!”

T.H. – Esthetician ~ European Skincare