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May 22

Start Meditating for Powerful Heart Health

meditationThe traditional medical system in the United States is primarily based on treating symptoms once they appear. Large pharmaceutical companies have conditioned Americans to believe that a pill can cure what ails them. Through a slick and well funded advertising campaign, beliefs other than reactive medicine are ridiculed.

Slowly but surely a renaissance in thought is taking root. The system that is supposed to heal them is only allowing themselves to live with the symptoms. People are starting to realize that the greatest profit for corporate America is for patients to come back for scheduled medication. Cures and prevention of the original malady are what people desire.

The aim of other forms of worldwide medicine is prevention. One of the building blocks in the foundation of alternative medicine is meditation. Mild to catastrophic health conditions can be held back with a meditation regimen. The Medical College of Wisconsin concluded that practitioners of Transcendental Meditation who had coronary disease were 48 percent less likely to have heart attacks.

Doctor Robert Schneider is the director for the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention based in Fairfield, Iowa. He is on record with the correlation of reduced stress with lowered cases of epidemic disease. The belief is that the body is its own best source of medicine through balance achieved by Transcendental Meditation.

The Times of India reports that persons who integrate meditation into a healthy lifestyle feel immediate benefits. Blood pressure was lowered without pills and the side effects that come with them. Patients have reported lower stress and less frequent bouts of anger. Greater rates of survival have been associated with these health benefits.

With the foundation firmly entrenched, meditation provides the path to discover the root causes of illness. Stress is at the heart of these matters. The presence of stress reveals itself with subtle signs. If left untreated, chronic conditions and disease will fester and erode the health of the strongest of individuals.

Headaches are one of the inconspicuous manifestations of stress. Depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness follow this imbalance. Physical deterioration begins in the form of skin conditions, asthma, and arthritis. System failures are the more chronic accumulations of stress. Raised blood pressure, heart problems, and even diabetes can appear from uncontrolled stress.

Meditation is the precise and direct method of not only tackling stress but eliminating it as well. A Herculean effort is not required and in fact often increases stress. The art of meditation is akin to using a lever. A few gentle adjustments that mediation allows will shift stress so it can be dealt with in a direct and healthy manner.

Maladies involving the heart represent a chronic acclimation of stress in one’s life. Even advanced cases like coronary disease can show signs of improvement through a mediation regimen. The focus on the present allows the mind to let go of the pains in the past and prevent the fears of the future from accumulating. By addressing only current conditions, stress will subside and harmony within the body will grow. Chances for a significant recovery increase by consistent use of meditation.

A variety of effective medicines and cures are present in fields of alternative medicine. The establishment downplays their existence because profit can not be made from them. Break free from the dependence of the medical establishment and seek natural treatments like meditation to alleviate and even cure a plethora of ailments.


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