Soaking Out Those Pesky Toxins

Soaking Out Those Pesky Toxins

total body detox soakExposure to environmental toxins is simply a fact of modern life. What they do to undermine your health and well-being depends on what steps you take for getting rid of them. Doing effective detoxification boosts energy, enhances digestion, and stimulates the immune system.

It even reduces hay fever, acne, PMS, bloating, and those nagging headaches that can ruin your day.

You already know how nice a soothing bath can feel at the end of a hard day. Just imagine adding the right herbs with your soak and – voila! – you get the extra bonus of all those wonderful benefits from detoxifying your whole body.

Detoxification also helps you relax and sleep better. You will even notice that those nasty viruses going around every winter don’t affect you like they once did.

Regular Detoxing

Any good health regimen should include regular detoxing. These days it has become a must for battling the wide variety of toxins that seem to appear around every corner.

How regularly should you detox? Of course, that depends on your exposure to different toxins. However, a good rule of thumb is to detox about every three months. This schedule will keep the symptoms of toxic buildup from getting out of hand.

Let’s take a look at what that means when your regular detox routine includes the Total Body Detox Soak by Jadience Herbal Formulas.

Total Body Detox Soak

Like all Jadience products, this revolutionary bath formula combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern science. It is comprised of several powerful East Asian herbs that are known for their ability to draw toxins from every cell in your body.

The key herbs in this formula for total body detoxing include Burdock Root, Ledebouriella, Cortex Moutan, and Mulberry. Here is what the ancients knew about these herbs:

  • Burdock Root: moistens the intestines and promotes bowel movements; resolves toxicity; has an antibiotic effect.
  • Ledebouriella (Saposhnikoviae Root): harmonizes the intestines; alleviates spasms, gas, and bloating.
  • Cortex Moutan: increases circulation; has an anti-microbial effect; clears the liver; reduces swelling.
  • Mulberry: has a detoxifying effect; reduces edema; harmonizes blood pressure.

These core benefits accrue quickly. It takes about 10 consecutive days of detox soaking, 20 minutes or so each day, with these key herbs to realize their overall effects.

By the way, carrying a toxic load also contributes to excess fat, sore muscles, and aging skin. A 10-day total body detox soak goes a long way toward eliminating these nagging issues, too.

Science Weighs In

Herbs that have been long-known for their health benefits often attract the attention of modern researchers. This is certainly the case with the key ingredients of the Total Body Detox Soak.

Burdock Root helps to rejuvenate aging skin, to control blood sugar levels, and to promote the health of friendly microbes that we rely on for the good health of our digestive system.

Ledebouriella has been observed to reduce the symptoms of fever and shock. It also inhibits the growth of several kinds of the infectious bacteria that are behind staph infections, strep throat, and diarrhea from shigellosis.

Cortex Moutan has been discovered to have an anti-arthritis effect. Such activity derives from its suppression of various inflammatory factors that characterize arthritis. These same factors are also associated with asthma, which means that Cortex Moutan may have therapeutic value in treating this disorder.

Mulberry can reduce the effects of diabetes, help with weight loss, lower blood sugar, and reduce blood cholesterol. It is also used in preparations for treating insomnia.

Potential Super Benefit

Sleep is the core nightly activity that we depend on for regeneration and rejuvenation during every 24-hour period. Anything that disrupts good sleep, such as accumulating a toxic load, undermines the regenerative power of sleep.

People who use the Detox Soak typically report getting better sleep. Getting better sleep is, therefore, a potential super benefit from regular total body detoxification.

One user of the Total Body Detox Soak was so impressed that she sent some to her sister, who had insomnia for many years. Her sister reported back that the Detox Soak helped her sleep longer and deeper than she had in the previous 15 years.

Everything you do to reduce toxins will help you sleep better. Ultimately you will look and feel better in every way.

What you can get from soaking in the right herbal bath formula is phenomenal. It all starts with regular use of the Total Body Detox Soak.


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