Relieve Stress by Balancing Your Chi

Relieve Stress by Balancing Your Chi

qi gongChi is your life energy. In Traditional Oriental Medicine chi is known to have natural patterns that move in channels called meridians. Chi underlies all aspects of health. Free flowing chi is the epitome of good health. Disrupted, blocked, or imbalanced chi reveals itself as symptoms of various illnesses.

Regularly taking action for balancing your chi is the key to reducing stress and enjoying a healthy life. Fortunately, there are several powerful strategies for doing so.

In the western world acupuncture is the most well-known method for balancing chi. Other methods include food therapy, physical training regimens (qigong, t’ai chi ch’uan,), moxibustion, and herbology.

The power of herbs for balancing chi derives from their effects on various meridians. This is exactly where the Stress Relieving Detox Patch by Jadience Herbal Formulas comes in handy. It consists of a combination of herbs that have been known since ancient times for their ability to relieve stress of all kinds.

Modern Day Stress

Most sources of stress are very subtle, adding up slowly over time without being obvious. They can include anything from food additives to air pollution, excessive noise, and even the fluorescent lighting in your office or home. Commuting to work, whether you drive or use public transportation, can be even more immediately stressful.

Regardless of their sources, different stresses show up in a wide variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms. The most common ones are muscle aches, headaches, fatigue, mental ambiguity, emotional imbalances, sleep irregularities and metabolic dysfunction.

These symptoms of stress are some of the leading causes of illness and disease in modern times.

Even though the variety of symptoms of stress may seem to have nothing to do with one another, they all have one thing in common.

They all disrupt your chi.
This means that relieving stress and its accompanying symptoms can be achieved by rebalancing chi. Any of the methods mentioned above for balancing chi will be helpful. The easiest and most convenient, though, is through the use of certain herbs directly on your skin.

Herbs That Balance Chi

The leading ingredients in the Stress Relieving Detox Patch provide several benefits for relieving stress. These include calming your mind, harmonizing your organ systems, and removing toxins. All of these benefits accrue from balancing your chi.

This product consists of a unique formulation of the East Asian herbs, Coptidis, Inulae, Corydalis and Cyperi, plus a half dozen other herbs known for their chi balancing effects.

The Power of Jade

In addition, as with all Jadience products, the Stress Relieving Detox Patch also contains jade powder. Jade has been used for centuries in East Asia to promote health in many ways. It is known for its ability to detoxify and heal stressed organs, to strengthen the body’s natural defenses, and to boost innate healing powers.

Modern science has discovered what ancient medical practitioners already knew long ago. It is that jade has a warming effect on the skin. Its warming effect comes from the ability of jade to be a natural transmitter of far infrared (warming) light.

Advanced Herbal Technology

The modern technology behind the Stress Relieving Detox Patch enhances the power of its ingredients. This is what enables the formula to act fast when placed on specific acupressure points. It quickly opens blocked energy channels to rebalance chi and get your life energy flowing again.


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