Jadience Dit Da Jow Muscle & Joint Foot Energy Spray: 8oz

Jadience Dit Da Jow Muscle & Joint Foot Energy Spray: 8oz | Extra Strength Pain Relief for Feet, Ankle, Calf, Shin, Knee, Groin, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Hip| Topical Analgesic | All Natural

About the product
  • FOOT PAIN RELIEF PRODUCT: Immediately improve circulation, reduce inflammation, swelling, & aches
  • PRE WORKOUT POST WORKOUT ATHLETE FOOT SPRAY: World-class athletes use for prevention & recovery
  • NO MORE JET LAG: A great travel companion for on-the-go travelers. Don’t waste a day recovering
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO EVERY FOOT REFLEXOLOGY KIT: Enhance treatments, gain higher client retention
  • ADAPTOGENIC CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE MADE IN USA: Secret herbal formulas made available worldwide

Jadience Foot Energy Spray is great to use when:

  • Standing for long hours at work
  • Traveling through different time zones. Spray before and after your trip, then before bed time to help rebalance your internal clock and prevent jet lag.

Jadience Foot Energy Spray is also great to use when:

  • Physically active in sports or other recreational activities
  • Runners that need that extra injury prevention or to naturally enhance their strength and endurance

According to a recent survey, 100 practitioners in a 2 week period all rated the Foot Energy Spray as either moderately effective or highly effective in supporting hamstring, knee, shin, ankle, and foot pain.

How to use:

  • 3-5 sprays before activity to help prevent injury
  • 3-5 sprays after activity to rebalance any over use of muscle and joints
  • if pain is present during activity, then take a moment to spray product on challenged areas 

NOTE: An 8oz bottle has 1500 sprays – over 2 months supply.

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