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Aug 18

Magic Metabolism Ingredient: Cinnamon

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Cinnamon – Naturally Increase Metabolism

Derived from tree bark, cinnamon spice is an antioxidant that has been used in ancient medical systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda, for thousands of years. Today, Western doctors armed with scientific studies are recommending patients looking to increase their metabolism add cinnamon to their diets.

Cinnamon Jump Starts Your Metabolism

How our bodies convert food into the energy they need to operate is through a chemical process known as metabolism. While the seemingly simple formula for maintaining a healthy weight is to not eat more than you need for energy, your metabolic rate (how many calories your body needs and burns) is significantly impacted by age, disease, exercise, and the chemicals in the food you eat. To complicate matters further, there are also different rates of metabolism in your body that impact weight. For instance the metabolism of sugar has a different rate than metabolism of protein or lipids (fat). Since high blood sugar leads to increased body fat storage, the rate of glucose metabolism is directly correlated to weight gain and loss. Fortunately, cinnamon naturally increases the rate of sugar metabolism.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that cinnamon acts like insulin in your body and increases the metabolism of glucose (sugar). This is true even in healthy individuals and in people who have conditions such as metabolic syndrome or polycystic ovarian syndrome (POS) in which they produce sufficient amounts of insulin in their blood, but the insulin is not acting effectively. Since metabolized sugar doesn’t turn into fat, this directly correlates to weight loss. The same studies also show that while body fat creation is decreased by cinnamon, lean body mass also increases (postulated to be due to increased lipid metabolism), which increases your overall metabolism rate. That’s a double, and possibly triple, metabolism win to aid in weight loss and maintaining healthy weights.

Adding Cinnamon to Your Diet

To get optimum metabolic results, cinnamon should be ingested in supplement form. Supplement form ensures that you are taking enough of the water-soluble (aqueous) extract of the spice to have a measurable impact. It also takes the operative component of cinnamon, polyphenols, directly to your digestive system and avoids activating the salivary glands in your mouth that will produce a protein that minimizes the effect of cinnamon.

Cinnamon supplements can be found at natural food stores or here at Natural Skin RX as a key component, along with other weight loss supportive ingredients, in Jadience Natural’s Slimming Formula Capsules and liquid Slimming Formula.

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