Natural Skincare – Anti-Aging Green Tea Mask

“After using this mask my whole face was as smooth as a baby’s booty. Love it!!”

Natural Skincare – Anti-Aging Green Tea Natural Skin Care - Anti-Aging Green Tea MaskMask:

Green Tea, White Peony and Goji Berry are known to hydrate, nourish, and firm the skin, while stimulating cellular regeneration. Hyaluronic Acid and active herbal ingredients immediately improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, promote new and healthy collagen, and protect skin from environmental damage.

Natural Skincare, Anti-Aging Green Tea Mask – Vision of a Dream Blog’s Thoughts: 

After applying the mask, I got ready to put my feet up and sit back for a relaxing mask wearing, “Big Brother” watching time. Right away I was pleasantly surprised by the very light tingly sensation, that actually felt quite soothing and delicious.

The best part of all was when I rinsed the mask off, 20 minutes later. When I looked in the mirror, I grinned. My skin was positively glowing. I am lucky enough to not have wrinkles or lines yet, but I guess I hadnt realized that my forehead area hadn’t been looking as young as it could have. After using this mask, it looked 100% better, and my whole face was as smooth as a baby’s booty. Love it!!

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