Keeping Skin Safe and Supple during the Summer Holiday Season

Keeping Skin Safe and Supple during the Summer Holiday Season

Approximately 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every day – according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S., and the majority of melanoma cases can be attributed to sun exposure. Protecting yourself against UV rays is crucial at all times, but if you will be taking an exotic holiday to a sunny spot this summer, take a bit of extra care, both before and after being out in the sun. That is, in addition to using sunscreen, using gentle natural skincare products is key when it comes to keeping skin in tip-top condition.

Keeping Skin Soft and Smooth

If you will be sailing away this summer or heading for a beachy spot (or one where you will spend the majority of time outdoors), then you may be up against harsh winds, sun, and sand. Don’t forget to include your regular beauty essentials in your cruise luggage. These should include natural herbal products to reduce toxic overload on skin. For your body, a product like Jadience HydraBourish Body Lotion can easily be popped in your bag. It contains herbal extracts like ginseng, goji berry, and licorice root, which together work to keep skin energized and hydrated. For your face, stick to your cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine while you are out at sea or trekking in the mountainside. After a hectic day out, Jadience Hydrating Skin Mask with Green Tea + Hyaluronic Acid will target ageing and dryness from within. If you are an oily skinned beauty fan, don’t forget your Exfoliating Scrub to ensure pores are clean and clear. When you are out on an adventure, bring some Hydrating Mist with you to keep skin refreshed throughout the day.

Skin Type Matters

Thomas Fitzpatrick MD was the first medical professional to create a classification, determining the risk of sunburn according to skin type. It is vital for you to know your risk, in order to determine how much protection you need, and how much time you should be out in the sun. For instance, people with fair, freckled skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes with skin that burns easily but not not tan, will have skin that burns easily. On the other hand Asian skin that is olive to light brown is less likely to burn. If you have fair or white skin, you should opt for sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 30-50. You will also need to apply sunscreen more frequently than someone who doesn’t burn as easily. If you have a darker skin tone, an SPF of 15 may be sufficient.

What type of Sunscreen Should You Use?

You have choice between physical and chemical blocks when it comes to sunscreen. Physical blocks are less light and ‘feel good’ than chemical ones but they are ideal in the sense that they actually reflect UV rays away. That is, skin does not absorb UV rays at all, which cannot be said for chemical products. The latter can contain chemicals which are not ideal for skin, so why not keep it natural and totally stop UV rays from penetrating skin and/or mixing with chemicals in synthetic products?

Keep it Up

For both sunscreen and moisturizers, more frequent application may be required while you are on holiday. Apply sunscreen half an hour before sun exposure to allow for absorption. Reapply every time you swim, dry off, or perspire considerably. In general, a product’s SPF will only be fully effective for up to two hours after application. Therefore, reapply every couple of hours and even more frequently if you are in extremely sunny weather.

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Keeping skin beautiful throughout the summer season involves daily care. If you abandon your skincare routine or stop moisturizing your body, you may notice problems like tightness, fine lines, and clogged pores. Be vigilant with sun protection as well, particularly if you are heading for a beach or mountainside destination.

Contributed by: Jennifer Dawson

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