All-Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream – Jadience Intensive Eye Treatment

As Networking Witches put it: “It seems I’m aging, and I’m not fond of it, and let’s face it none of us will get a day younger.”

All-Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream

About Jadience All-Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream:

The Jadience, Herbal Skin Collection has combined the properties of jade powder with their exclusive East Asian Herbal formulas to bring their powerful anti-aging formulas to us.  These formulas help lift, brighten, purify and stimulate cell regeneration.

Some of their key ingredients include Tamanu oil, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Angelica Root, Ginseng,  and Vitamins A, B, D, D, & E.  We are all familiar with most of these ingredients and it’s amazing that when they are combined correctly they can create such a wonderful anti aging product.

Jadience All-Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream – Networking Witches Blog’s Thoughts:

I received Intensive Eye Treatment for review.  It seems I’m aging, and I’m not fond of it, and let’s face it none of us will get a day younger.  This intensive anti-aging formula is infused with the powerful properties of East Asian herbs, antioxidants and nutrients to increase cell renewal and support collagen fibers.

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