Five Fantastic All Natural Skin Care Treatments

Five Fantastic All Natural Skin Care Treatments

Jadience Harmonizing Facial MaskThink about your skin for a moment. Perhaps more so than any other organ or part of your body, your skin is expected to weather all of the storms thrown at it. From the constant barrage of the sun and unpleasant weather to all of those long walks and jogs, and the ever piling up process of aging, your skin goes through a lot.

Sadly, many synthetic makeups and even some skin care treatments carry harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. This is especially true if said products are used for a long period of time. As the days and years go by, the damage can really build up.

Fortunately, a variety of herbal treatments are available to help protect and rejuvenate your skin. If you want to lead a full, happy, and fruitful life, taking care of your skin is vital. That’s why we’re going to take a moment to go over some of the best herbal skincare treatments available.

Some popular options include coconut oil, astragalus, raw honey, and aloe vera. Castor oil, shea butter, and other herbal treatments are very popular, and many skin care experts will tell you that they work great.

1. Use Coconut Oil to Clean Your Skin

Remember how we said synthetic makeup contains harmful chemicals? Coconut oil may help cleanse your skin of these harmful chemicals, allowing your skin to return to its natural, healthier state. Coconut oil can also remove dead skin cells and contains antibacterial properties as well.

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2. Use Astragalus To Reduce the Wear and Tear of Aging

Astragalus is a potentially powerful East Asian herb that is found in many different herbal treatment products. Researchers have been researching astragalus and so far have found many potentially beneficial properties. When it comes to skincare, astragalus is perhaps most widely known and used for its anti-aging properties. Astragalus can help reduce wrinkles and alleviate other aging-associated conditions.

[Check out our in-depth Astragalus guide to learn more about this potentially potent East Asian herbal treatment.]

3. Raw Power With Raw Honey

Normally, you wouldn’t think about the kitchen cabinet when searching for skin care products. However, raw honey contains many properties that can be useful for rejuvenating your skin. Potential benefits of raw honey include antiseptic properties (remember how honey never rots?), moisturizing elements, and some natural compounds may help fight and alleviate rashes and allergies.

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4. Shea Butter

Shea butter has been in use for its skin care properties for hundreds of years. Shea butter is one of the best moisturizers, especially for very dry skin. The butter can reduce flaking, peeling, and redness.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular and common all-natural skincare products. If you have any sunburn relief lotions in your bathroom, there’s a good chance that it has aloe vera in it. Further, aloe vera can help naturally treat fungal diseases and also contains a range of beneficial fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, and other helpful substances.

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