Appetite Suppressant, Detox & Gas Bloating Kit: 20 Days

Jadience Detox, Appetite Suppressant & Gas Bloating Kit: Includes Up to 20-Days Natural Herbal Supplement Capsules with Gynostemma & Astragalus, Herbal Acupoint Discs & Slimming Body, Foot Bath Soak

About the product
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSANT THAT WORKS – FAST WEIGHT LOSS, SLIM & TONE: Helps burn fats, carbs, and sugars
  • DETOX CLEANSE METABOLISM BOOSTERS: Increase circulation & lymph movement boosting toxin filtration
  • REDUCE CHRONIC FATIGUE, STRESS, MOOD SWINGS: Control hormonal balance, mental stability & function
  • MADE IN USA WITH ADAPTOGENIC HERBS: Gluten, GMO, paraben, phthalate, mineral oil & alcohol free


The Jadience Weight Management HOME KIT incorporates fast-acting herbal supplements that stimulate cell detoxification for the inside out and topical products to support from the outside in. Your KIT incorporates highly effective herbs such as Bladderwrack, Astragalus, and Ginseng to help increase metabolism, enhance energy, relieve stress, lower fatigue, decrease mental ambiguity, improve fat oxidation, and balance emotions.

Adaptogenic herbal ingredients, such as Ginseng, Cornus, Licorice Root, Astragalus, and Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) are known to adapt to any condition, supporting natural organs function, rebalancing both mind and body. Other powerful herbs, such as Mulberry, are known to effectively pull toxins from cells, quickly rejuvenating the body. Angelica Root and Inula are known to revitalize the body, strengthen the immune system, increase circulation, and tone and firm the skin.

Each product formula in your kit is all-natural and vegan, and can be used together or individually to help:
• Eliminate excess fat & toxic buildup within your body
• Emotional Balance, Energy, Stamina, & Endurance
• Re-balance your entire body, enabling it to utilize absorbed nutrients

A rare and unique aspect of the Jadience brand is the incorporation of the Jade mineral (also known as Jadeite or Nephrite) and the use of Adaptogens. According to East Asian wisdom, Jade is known for its purifying and harmonizing properties. Adaptogenic Herbs can balance the body systems, and help the body to maintain optimal homeostasis.

If you have symptoms of stress, decreased energy, headaches, fatigue, mental ambiguity, emotional imbalances, bloating, indigestion, unwanted weight gain, or metabolic dysfunction, do NOT wait for them to turn into a more serious condition. ORDER NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.