fang feng - saposhnikovia divaricata

Versatility of Fang Feng in Herbal Formulas

Fang Feng, a widely known herb in Traditional Oriental Medicine, seems to be a cornucopia of biologically active natural substances that can benefit human health. Such biochemical diversity reflects the versatility of its traditional therapeutic

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anti aging solutions

Insights on Skin Aging

Your skin is much more than a protective barrier. It is a vibrant, dynamic organ with a huge surface area of about 16 to 22 square feet. It plays crucial roles in regulating the excretion

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natural skin care

Importance of Paraben-Free Skin Care

Parabens have become a worry for the ‘organic’ crowd over the past few years. Like many synthetic skin care ingredients, their use began long before anyone knew about their safety. As the information base continues

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cellulite treatment natural

What to Do About Cellulite

If you have cellulite, you have plenty of company. At least 80-90% of women have such unwanted dimpling on their thighs, hips, or tummies. This condition is not so affectionately referred to as cottage cheese

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achyranthes bidentata

Soothe Joints with Achyranthes

Achyranthes bidentata (Huai Niu Xi) has been an important herb in the pharmacopeia of Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. It is frequently used in Yang tonic formulations for a variety of health benefits. Such benefits

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bentonite clay

Clay Helps with Oily Skin

Clay has a remarkable capacity to bind with many kinds of substances, including sebum. Sebum is a mixture of oily chemicals that are manufactured in special microscopic glands at the base of hair follicles and

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ginseng root

What Really Gets Into Your Skin?

Skin is a made up of a fascinating matrix of substances that include mostly proteins, fats, and water. Skin cells of several kinds have the task of managing this matrix to keep your skin healthy

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health benefits of uv light

Health Benefits of UV Light

Ultraviolet (UV) light is most often thought of as a source of damage to skin. However, it also offers tremendous health benefits in the right doses. In fact, sunlight, which consists of UV and visible

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skin exfoliation natural

Importance of Skin Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation is often thought of as an activity that you have to do to keep your skin looking youthful. However, exfoliation is also a natural process for your skin to remove its old cells

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photoaging aging relief

What to Do About Skin Photoaging

Is too much exposure to ultraviolet light the real enemy that drives skin aging? Many experts seem to think so. Skin aging has many components, though. Exposure to UV light is just one factor. Equally

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Clematidis for Stiff Joints and More

Clematidis has been a powerful ingredient for joint health in East Asian herbal formulas for centuries. In modern times it is still an important herb that is used by therapists for arthritis pain relief. Recent

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