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(Oriental Beauty, aka Formosa or Champagne Oolong – 白毫烏龍)

This multi color, silver tip twisted leaf tea is 70% oxidized. Pure, clean, gardenlike with the smell of flowers and fruit. Noted for its deep richness and  honey sweetness, this extraordinary oolong was named “Oriental Beauty”  by Queen Elizabeth II. An excellent choice for rich and spicy foods. Called “bragging tea” by the locals who always love tea of their own making.

Bai Hao Oolong is one of Taiwan and Fujian’s most renowned oolong teas. Oxidized 70%, one of the teas distinguishing characteristics is the flash of silver which appears on the spear-like points of its most delicate leaves. After steeping, the fruit-like sweetness of a black tea but with an incredible honey-like fragrance of a oolong. It is sweet and smooth and famous around the world.


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