Jade & Lavender Detoxifying Herbal Neck Pillow


Formula #543 Detoxify, relieve stress, and promote relaxation with our exclusive Jade Stress-Relieving & Detoxifying Herbal Neck Pillow.  Throughout the centuries Jade has been known for its power to detoxify and strengthen your mind, body & spirit. Our Traditional East Asian therapeutic neck pillows are handcrafted and formulated with jade powder, lavender and all-natural herbs, seeds, and grains to relieve stress and tension.  The unique blend of jade powder combined with our special formulation of herbal grains stimulates acupressure points on the neck to strengthen chi (energy), increase circulation, and promote detoxification. Experience the powerful properties of jade as you discover one of the oldest East Asian secrets of detoxification, beauty, and relaxation



Ingredients: Herbal Grains, Flax Seed, Jade Powder, and Lavender


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