Cellulite Serum 4oz & Jade Needle Body Roller Bundle

Cellulite Serum 4oz & Jade Needle Body Roller Bundle: Natural Stone Handheld Personal Massager | Reduce Appearance of Fat | Firming & Tighten Skin Gel & Dimple Remover Treatment Tool by Jadience 

About the product
  • TOPICAL GEL & MASSAGE TOOL DUO: Powerful synergy to break down fatty deposits & remove toxins
  • FIRMS, LIFTS, TIGHTENS, & PROVIDES DEFENSE: Effective for arms, stomach, waist, hips & thighs!
  • ANTI-AGING – GREEN TEA & ASTRAGALUS: Break down toxic accumulation, which is the cause of buildup
  • DETOXING HEALTHY PRODUCT: Moves lymph fluid, massages & increases circulation making efficient detox
  • ALL NATURAL VEGAN CARE: Gluten, paraben, phthalate, mineral oil, alcohol & cruelty free. Non-GMO


Our Jadience Cellulite Serum is packed with ingredients specially designed with your beauty needs in mind. Its Aloe Vera, Bitter Orange, and Jade Powder work together to hydrate, harmonize & moisturize your skin, while eliminating unwanted toxins from your skin. It reduces the appearance of cellulite on the body, (arms, stomach, waist, hips, thighs) while increasing circulation. Our formula is a timed tested secret used by ancient royalty who deeply trusted Traditional Oriental Medicine. Allow it to naturally firm, tone, tighten, lift, and brighten your skin to optimize your beauty routine. It has an extremely pleasant scent derived from essential oils.

The Precious Jade Stone Needle Roller is a Traditional Chinese & Korean anti-aging beauty tool that has been used for thousands of years to promote youthful skin. It is the easiest beauty tool there is. The Jade Roller not only visibly improves the appearance of skin, but feels heavenly as it glides, rolls and massages the skin, delivering a cool and refreshed sensation. You will be amazed at how it stimulates your skin, allowing better absorption of cellulite serum.

We have created this brilliant combination to provide the best results in cellulite treatment. The roller will work with the serum to stimulate circulation and maximize absorption. This combo will do more than simply break down cellulite; it will reach into subcutaneous muscles, stimulate elastin and collagen, and boost immune response. Professional massage therapists often use skin rollers, and can attest to the results it brings for their clients.

Jade roller size is 6.5” length. Roller Head is 2.75” width x 1.38” thick. 5.5 oz. in weight. Colors may vary from very light green Jade to green Jade. But rest assured you will receive an authentic natural Jade Stone tool. See images for quality so you know you can buy with confidence.