Soaks & Formulas

Jadience Herbal Formulas® utilizes secret Bi Bong formulas based on Traditional Oriental Medicine. Passed down through a family tradition, their authentic formulas were once used exclusively by East Asian Royalty. Jadience’s formulas are comprised of carefully selected, scientifically-tested, all natural, organic, wild-harvested, East Asian herbs and jade powder. Combining the science of herbology and the power of jade, their formulas will have your body functioning at its optimal level. These herbal supplements and herbal soaks combine modern science and ancient herbal wisdom. Whether you looking for Herbal Muscle & Joint Pain Relief, All-Natural Herbal Weight-Loss, Herbal Skin Rejuvenation or the best All-Natural Detox for your body, you can find true Traditional Oriental Medicine solutions here. For optimal results, combine with the corresponding herbal soak choosing from any of the 10 different Soak & Supplement pairings designed to pull and push out toxins from your body.