herbal pillow

Jade & Lavender Detoxifying Herbal Eye Pillow

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Formula #374 Dimensions: 7 1/2″ X 4″

Detoxify, relieve stress and promote relaxation with our exclusive Jade Stress-Relieving & Detoxifying Herbal Eye Healing Pillow. Throughout the centuries Jade has been known for its power to detoxify, heal, and strengthen your mind, body & spirit. Our Traditional East Asian therapeutic herbal healing eye pillow is handcrafted and formulated with jade powder, lavender and all natural herbs, seeds and grains to relieve stress and tension. The unique blend of jade powder combined with our special formulation of herbal grains stimulates acupressure points around the eyes to increase chi (energy), increase circulation and promote detoxification to relieve puffiness, as well as eye stress and tension. Experience the powerful properties of jade as you discover one of the oldest East Asian secrets of detoxification, beauty and relaxation.

Ingredients: Herbal Grains, Flax Seed, Jade Powder and Lavender

  • kat56

    what size is this pillow standard king or queen and can you use a pillow case

    • Naturalskinrx

      Hi, No, it’s much smaller. It’s similar to the size of Blackout Eye Masks. If you are looking for a larger pillow, the Body Pillow is the size of about half a standard pillow size, lies well across your stomach.

  • Rachel Higgs

    This pillow is so awesome. It has this incredible fragrance that is super relaxing. Hubby came home one day and used the pillow. He fell asleep quickly and woke quite relaxed after a short nap. I also love the pillow. The scent is wonderful and I actually feel better after resting with the pillow on my eyes. You know, calmer, more relaxed. Love it Love it Love it.